Khairul 2
"I was selected as a Weaver Representative. It was a new world for me. As a group leader I provided awareness-raising training to 40 other women and I felt I became stronger day by day” Khairul

Khairul grew up as a refugee in Pakistan and by the time she was 17, she was teaching others her carpet weaving skills. When Khairul’s family returned to Afghanistan, she sold her jewellery to purchase materials and weave her own carpets but couldn’t find buyers in the local market. She then learned about the weaver groups run by Label STEP and decided to join one. Through the weaver group, Khairul has taken part in a number of workshops and has learned about her rights as a worker and how to negotiate her wages. She has now become a Weaver Representative and can negotiate wages with producers. In her new role, Khairul has received multiple orders and is working as a contractor, supervising 40 other weavers.