Making the Future: Conversations in Craft

September 2020 - September 2020
Weaver supported by Turquoise Mountain in Afghanistan Credit Turquoise Mountain
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Christopher Farr Chan Chan by Christopher Farr Photography by Chris Horwood
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Woodcarving Murad Khani 2017 Credit Turquoise Mountain
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Making the Future: Conversations in Craft, hosted by Turquoise Mountain, will bring together artisans, designers and curators in an online video series to answer questions about heritage, design and the future of making.

For London Design Festival 2020, Turquoise Mountain will release a series of Q&A clips exploring traditional craftsmanship and its relevance today. The series will offer an insight into the world of traditional craft and interior design and connect audiences around the world with the people behind the products.

Turquoise Mountain has more than a decade of experience connecting international clients with artisans to create high-end, bespoke products. We have partnered with renowned designers, museums and five-star hotels to bring hand-crafted luxury goods to interiors all over the world. We now work with artisans across four countries – Afghanistan, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia and Jordan – helping them to access global markets and generate sustainable incomes through their crafts.

This London Design Festival, we will bring together some of our closest collaborators over the years and experts in the fields of heritage and design to talk about the future of craft. Our guests will include Pippa Small, international jewellery designer; Daniel Robbins, Senior Curator at Leighton House; Guy Oliver, interior designer and Managing Director of Oliver Laws; Matthew Bourne, Co-Founder of Christopher Farr; Alexandra Llewellyn, designer; and Leslee Michelsen, Curator of Collections & Exhibitions at Shangri La Museum of Art, Culture & Design.

We will also introduce some of our supported artisans and designers from Afghanistan, including Maryam Omar, Manager of the Turquoise Mountain Design Centre in Kabul, and Masouda Shirdil Kohastani, an up-and-coming Afghan jeweller and designer.

Find the videos here on our website, on our social channels, and on our London Design Festival event page between the 12th and 20th September. And don’t forget to sign up to our email newsletter to get the videos straight to your inbox each day.

September 2020 - September 2020