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Brass Candle Holder with Lid (Moon)

JOD 45


85 mm
85 mm


This brass tea-light candle holder depicts the moon of Bethlehem motif, found on Palestinian costumes and textiles. The candle holder is oil-finished.

Care instructions

Brass may tarnish with oxidation and exposure to moisture. To clean, use a soft sponge with soap and hot water, and apply olive oil if necessary.

MG 2228


Traditional metalwork is a highly prized decorative art in the Levant and has been a staple of the Islamic world for centuries. Today, artisans specialize in different aspects of ornamental metalwork, such as perforating, hammering, and beating, or technical skills, such as spinning and turning. Commonly used materials include brass, bronze, copper, gold, and silver. Artisans who specialize in ornamental metalwork will often shape their own tools creating different motifs, from leaves to lines to polygons.
The technical side of metalwork has long been practiced in Jordan, however the ornamental aspect such as beating, and hammering has recently been introduced to the craft industries with the arrival of Syrian artisans in the country.

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