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Mosaic Candlestick Holders

JOD 85
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60 x 60 x 85 mm
80 x 80 x 110 mm


This set of two brass candle holders is inlaid with a magnified wood-mosaic pattern and is finished with oil. It is part of a collection made of a lamp, a side table, a mirror, and a vase.

Care instructions

Brass may tarnish with oxidation and exposure to moisture. To clean, use a dry cloth and avoid exposure to liquids.

MG 3003


Wood-mosaic has a long history in the Levant, and it is of particular significance to artisans in Damascus. It is often created using a number of different woods, such as walnut, olive, eucalyptus, cherry, lemon, and rose woods. Mother-of-pearl can also be used. The woods are cut into strips and fitted together to create a design, forming long trunks stored by artisans for future pieces. The artisan will select the trunk to use and slice it, and this slice will then be inlaid into wood to create a geometric design. Detailed and intricate wood-mosaic has now all but disappeared as artisans produce less complex designs. In Jordan, a small community of wood-mosaic artisans are practicing and preserving the craft by passing their knowledge to a new generation of apprentices.

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