Turquoise Mountain and the Saudi Handicrafts Programme at the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage have embarked on an exciting collaboration to develop crafts markets and support artisans from Saudi Arabia. We are working to give hundreds of artisans access to new markets and commercial opportunities, while preserving valuable craft traditions.

Our aim is to build a sustainable crafts sector, with a rich product portfolio, that reflects high quality and authentic design with a unique appeal to clients across the Middle East and beyond. In addition to crafts training, we also hold workshops on entrepreneurship, branding, production and more, to help artisans develop their work, individually or as small business or cooperatives.

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From sedu weaving and jewellery making, to wall painting and calligraphy, Saudi handicrafts are a vital part of Saudi culture and heritage. Turquoise Mountain is working to support artisans to pass on their skills and ensure that they can earn a sustainable livelihood through these crafts.

Meet our Artisans

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Turquoise Mountain supported artisans in Saudi Arabia produce handmade, beautifully crafted pieces steeped in local design traditions and set in a contemporary context. Each piece is a reflection of the individual story and talent of each artisan.

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