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Turquoise Mountain is working on heritage-led regeneration projects that support the local community as well as the wider population through employment and training on historic building repair programmes. By helping people along with their architectural heritage we support their economy, helping communities in the long-term and maintaining the enduring importance of the region's cultural heritage.

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The crafts skills of the Levant have been endangered by regional instability. Turquoise Mountain aims to train a new generation of artisans, creating a critical mass of artisans equipped to maintain these important cultural traditions.

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The regional and international links which once existed between craftspeople in the Levant and the wider world have been damaged. Turquoise Mountain is working with artisans to rebuild these craft networks by supporting businesses, linking artisans with designers and architects, and bringing their products to international buyers.

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Turquoise Mountain is working in the refugee camps and in local communities to connect young people and families to their heritage, past and identity, through education and outreach. Through this work, we hope to foster a renewed sense of pride in Syrian and Jordanian heritage.

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