In Myanmar, Turquoise Mountain has trained hundreds of artisans across jewellery, textiles and other crafts to set the gold standard for the craft industry. Our jewellery workshop is selling lines designed by UK designer Pippa Small and others, and Myanmar artisans are now supplying high-end products to international luxury hotels and clients. In 2016, Turquoise Mountain completed the

restoration of 491-501 Merchant Street in Yangon’s Historic Downtown, the first done to international standards, training 250 people in building and conservation work. We recently completed the regeneration of the landmark Tourist Burma building in 2019, training well over 500 builders and engineers and bringing a historic building back into public use.

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Built Heritage

Turquoise Mountain is working with the government and local partners to restore the heritage landscape of downtown Yangon and protect it for the future, while providing work for local engineers and builders. Our most recent project in Myanmar is the Tourist Burma building, completed in 2019. You can find our newly restored offices at 14-16, 21st Street, Lower Block, Latha Township, Yangon.

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The Myanmar craft industry is one of the most promising sectors for economic growth in Myanmar, while also offering the opportunity for social and economic empowerment, particularly for women. Turquoise Mountain is working to support artisans across the country and to help them promote a new vision of Myanmar.

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Myanmar artisans, supported by Turquoise Mountain, are producing high-end products for local clients, luxury hotels and international buyers. We support artisans working in textiles, lacquerware and goldsmithing.

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