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Festive Gift Guide from our Retail Partners

Looking for a gift that gives, this festive season? We have collated a selection of products handmade by our supported artisans in Afghanistan, Myanmar and the Middle East, that will make unique and precious gifts.

Turquoise Mountain commission RBKC Leighton House Image courtesy of Jaron James magic

Leighton House Museum Reopens to the Public with Bespoke Turquoise Mountain Furniture

As part of the two-year revamp of the exquisite late-Victorian home of painter Sir Frederic Leighton, Turquoise Mountain artisans in Jordan created unique pieces for the new wing of Leighton House Museum, which has now reopened to the public.

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Heritage-inspired Fabrics Created in Collaboration with Weavers in Myanmar Launches at FOCUS/22

We recently launched our new range of heritage-inspired fabrics created in collaboration with weavers in Myanmar at FOCUS/22 at Chelsea Design Harbour.

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One Year Update, with profound thanks to our Crowdfunder supporters

As we reflect on the recent one-year anniversary marking the dramatic political crisis in Afghanistan, we wanted to share an update on the work that over 6,500 people so generously supported.

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Turquoise Mountain presents Crafting Couture, an online auction of pieces from Myanmar

In partnership with Lush Magazine Myanmar, Turquoise Mountain has launched a fashion show and online charity auction showcasing stunning pieces inspired by the diverse weaving traditions of Myanmar.

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The Art of the Lotus Flower: New Fine Jewellery from Myanmar

For London Craft Week 2022, Turquoise Mountain will launch a new fine jewellery collection in collaboration with talented goldsmiths in Yangon, Myanmar.