London Design Festival 2022

Zoom Webinar
December 2022 - December 2022
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As part of London Design Festival's 20th year, we are hosting a free webinar discussion with experts from Afghanistan, Syria, Myanmar and the UK.

'Inspired by Heritage: Safeguarding Crafts & Design During Conflicts'

We may have unconscious preconceptions of countries such as Afghanistan, Myanmar and Syria. When we hear about countries that have high levels of conflict, it can be difficult to imagine them as anything different from the images on the news.

Led by renowned product designer Sebastian Conran, this panel discussion will bring together practitioners from Turquoise Mountain's global network, including Dr Thalia Kennedy (Creative Director, Global), Maryam Omar (Manager of the Design Centre, Afghanistan), Salma Al Qatawneh (Designer & Production Manager, Jordan/Syria) and Nathalie Paarlberg (Country Director, Myanmar)

The discussion will explore and celebrate the craftsmanship and inspired design created in these challenging conditions and the important role that heritage can play in strengthening communities and economies.

The event will take place on December 7th at 11am - 12pm (GMT).

Reserve your free space using the link below!

December 2022 - December 2022