Weaving Poems

M7, Doha
February 2024 - April 2024

Visit the captivating Weaving Poems exhibition, part of the Design Doha biennial, until 30th April 2024

Weaving Poems is an immersive exhibition by Turquoise Mountain's lead designer Maryam Omar, which she has created with the weavers we support in Afghanistan.

Maryam’s 24 carpet designs celebrate the artisan communities of Bamiyan and their rich heritage. Each carpet is inspired by the silhouettes, topographies and textures synonymous with Afghanistan’s rich scenery, and are accompanied by a soundscape of the traditional poems recited by the women as they skilfully weave.

Visit the Design Doha website to book your visit and find out more.

February 2024 - April 2024

M7, Abdulla Bin Thani Street, Doha, Qatar