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Carved Cherry Mirror and Console

JOD 1500


1100 x 450 x 925 mm
1100 x 30 x 520 mm


Inspired by embroidery found in the region, the cherry wood mirror and console (with drawers) are carved, inlaid with minimal mother of pearl, and finished with lacquer. This product can be customised, contact us for more information.

Care instructions

Clean using a dry cloth and avoid exposure to liquids.

MG 2664


Ornate and intricately carved woodwork can be found on everything from furniture to decorative objects in the Levant. Damascus and Aleppo have been major centers for production through the centuries and many examples of elaborate woodwork from these cities have made their way into the prominent households, buildings, and markets of the region. There are many different styles of wood carving, from shallow carving to perforated carving, and many artisans make their own tools for particular designs and details. Wood carvers based in Jordan come from Syria, Egypt, and Turkey and all practice different carving styles, using walnut, beech, and oak woods.

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