Cultural Heritage Against Climate Change

We have long been firm believers in the power of cultural heritage to make real change for real people, all over the world.

As well as creating much-needed livelihoods for those affected by conflict and safeguarding our personal and collective pasts for generations to come, the industry’s legacy can have a huge impact on one of the biggest crises we’ve ever faced – climate change.

That’s why we’re hugely proud to be one of the 92 new members of the Climate Heritage Network, forming part of a movement to help communities take part in the fight against global warming.

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Launched in 2019, the Climate Heritage Network (CHN) was founded by organisations all over the world looking to harness the power of art, culture and heritage for climate action.

The network taps into the immense talents of those working in the arts, culture and heritage industries – from architects to archivists, craftspeople to curators, and historians to carriers of local and indigenous knowledge – scaling up culture-based climate action and making climate policy more people-centred.

Said Shanon Miller, CHN Co-Chair and Director of the City of San Antonio Office of Historic Preservation: 

“This is the largest and most diverse group of new members the CHN has ever welcomed. It reflects the growing consensus that to tackle climate change, we must unlock the power of culture from arts to heritage to help people imagine and realise low carbon, just, climate resilient futures.” 

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