Heritage-inspired Fabrics Created in Collaboration with Weavers in Myanmar Launches at FOCUS/22

We recently launched our new range of heritage-inspired fabrics created in collaboration with weavers in Myanmar at FOCUS/22 at Chelsea Design Harbour.

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One of our first physical events in two years, this was a unique opportunity to showcase the collection, which has been four years in the making, to international designers and buyers.

These new fabrics celebrate Myanmar’s rich and historic textile history. Many of the 135 ethnic groups in Myanmar have distinct textile traditions. The backstrap woven fabrics, patterns and designs of rural regions reflect rites of passage and mythical stories passed across generations. Whilst frame loom fabrics originating from the northernmost regions of Myanmar are brightly coloured with complex abstract patterns.

Frame loom weaving (handloom), is where weavers sit at a large wooden frame, using a combination of foot pedals and hand shuttles to create the weave. The Backstrap loom is a traditional method in which the weaver sits on the floor, weaving to the width of their body, and using their legs to create tension in the loom. Alongside these pieces were new wallpapers and carpets that corresponds to the patterns and motifs in the fabrics.

Our fabrics have been developed to meet international standards for consistency, durability and fastness and can be treated for fire resistance. The full range of fabrics, carpets and wallpapers are available from the end of September and can be purchased through Turquoise Mountain.

Win Backstrap Weave on the Loom

The Turquoise Mountain Textiles Atelier in Yangon has been operating since 2019 and offers bespoke soft furnishings and fabrics accessories for clients. The products are handmade and can be developed for clients to both reflect authentic heritage and unique stories, while also responding to trends in contemporary design and industry standards.

We have also been working alongside an ongoing Turquoise Mountain partner Label STEP to support the growth of the artisan textile and carpet sectors in Myanmar and Afghanistan. Working with weaving communities, we have developed a set of fair trade and environmental standards to help improve the working conditions of weavers and support local supply chains.

FOCUS is a celebration of design that takes place at the Design Centre at Chelsea Harbour in London. Over 120 showrooms from 600 international brands participated in the event.

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