Katherine Parr Celebrates Six Years of Partnership with Turquoise Mountain

American jewellery designer Katherine Parr recently collaborated with Turquoise Mountain Jordan artisans Alaa Nasri and Jessica Diab to create the limited-edition Jasmine Collection. The capsule collection celebrates Katherine’s sixth year of partnership with our jewellery artisans, which began in Afghanistan in 2016.

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The Jasmine Flower Delicate Pendant Necklace

As part of their graduate project – which focuses on plants – Alaa and Jessica drew inspiration from the jasmine flower, which brings back memories of their native Syria. Jessica tells us, “The Jasmine flower means a lot to me because it symbolizes peace. It reminds me of the Levant streets, old Damascus alleys and Arabic houses.” The Jasmine Collection showcases Katherine Parr’s style of feminine jewellery design, which draws inspiration from global culture. Each piece is handmade of sterling silver, 18-karat yellow gold vermeil and faceted yellow sapphires, in a capsule collection that includes delicate necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings accented with a statement earring and bracelet.

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The Jasmine Flower Cuff Bracelet, and the Jasmine Flower Triple Ring

In addition to teaching students the technical skills of jewellery production, we equip them with the skills needed for entrepreneurship in their field. Katherine accompanied Alaa and Jessica to jewellery galleries in Amman to guide them in the purchasing of high-quality precious stones and negotiation skills. Katherine tells us, “It’s important for me to share the education and exposure that I’ve garnered with these women so that they can learn. Alaa can pass her skills to her sister, her neighbour, and her daughter. We can uplift societies by sharing our education and knowledge with others and women together is always a powerful concept.”

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Katherine Parr with artisans Jessica and Alaa

Through commercial partnership with designers such as Katherine Parr, our artisans are introduced to an international market. She tells us, “I am delighted to continue my six-year partnership with such an impactful non-profit organisation that serves some of the most vulnerable people in the world: those who are living inside, or have escaped from, conflict zones,” said Katherine. “The education programs of Turquoise Mountain are truly changing lives and the organisation’s connections to the global marketplace are unique and impactful.” Katherine’s dedication to her partnership extends beyond jewellery-making. In 2017, she hosted our artisans from Afghanistan when they received an award from the United Nations for Sustainability.

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The Jasmine Flower Hoop Earrings

The Jasmine Collection is available now at the Turquoise Mountain showroom in Amman, Jordan, online at www.katherineparrjewelry.com, as well as private events and boutiques in the United States.