One Year Update, with profound thanks to our Crowdfunder supporters

As we reflect on the recent one-year anniversary marking the dramatic political crisis in Afghanistan, we wanted to share an update on the work that over 6,500 people so generously supported.


Turquoise Mountain distributed emergency food supplies to the families of weavers with whom we have worked for years. We reached people during the heart of a harsh and challenging winter, providing packages of food staples and blankets to families – and these efforts continued over six months.

Carpet weaving is a predominantly female-held occupation, and often done at home. In the heart of this crisis, women weavers have in many cases become the primary and often only breadwinners for their families. With so much uncertainty, a stable and dignified income is so important for these women and families.

“I can tell you when the men of the household are jobless and cannot find a job, our profession and occupation of weaving guarantees us females having jobs. It means that weaving is very important.We love our weaving. It is part of our culture. We feel honoured to do this." Maryam, a weaver from Mazar supporting 8 family members.

Family Health Services

The Ferozkoh Family Health Centre is an urban clinic established and operated by Turquoise Mountain, offering community-oriented primary health care and family medicine in the heart of the Murad Khani district of Kabul.

Our community health clinic continues to provide essential healthcare to individuals and families in dire necessity. This year, we’re seeing the highest rates of clinic attendance since the clinic opened, serving upwards of 20,000 patients (over 66% women).

Our new female clinic director is supported by a team of five full-time doctors (two who specialise in family medicine), a paediatrician, a female doctor specialising in obstetrics and gynaecology, a dentist, nurses, lab technicians, a pharmacist, radiologist, community health workers and clerical staff.

The clinic has a network of community health workers to ensure continuous engagement with the residents of the old city, including those who are unable to travel to the clinic for care. Community health workers are trained to assist in public health campaigns and to reach families and vulnerable individuals in their own homes. Approximately 330 household visits are now made by clinic staff each month. Free antenatal, postnatal, TB and diabetes treatment, as well as psycho-social and counselling services, are provided by the clinic. In this time of crisis, it is more important than ever to provide this flexibility to patients by providing quality healthcare at home.

2018 10 10 FFHC Clinic Dr Khujasta with Patient


Turquoise Mountain’s primary and pre-primary education programs enable hundreds of students to receive high-quality education.

At the Murad Khani primary school, over 130 students, half girls and half boys, study Dari, mathematics and English, as well as calligraphy, miniature painting, drawing, and embroidery every year. They also learn about Afghan crafts from an early age, through the historic buildings around them and the Institute for Afghan Arts and Architecture next door.

In the Bamiyan Valley, Turquoise Mountain provides primary education to 60 pre-school and 60 primary school students each year in Shashpul and Dragon Valley, for the children of our supported weavers there. The teachers combine play-based learning and formal education in English, Mathematics, and other core skills, and children get daily meals.

We worked hard to reopen the primary schools within weeks of the Taliban takeover, and it made a world of difference for each student and their family.

There continue to be huge challenges ahead, and a great deal of uncertainty about the future. But Turquoise Mountain is committed to supporting the thousands of families in Kabul, Bamiyan and the north of the country by providing emergency relief services, education, and family health services, alongside our core livelihoods programs.

Cumulatively, these programs support thousands of families, and make an immense and immediate difference for the artisan communities in Afghanistan. This work would not be possible without your generosity and continued support.

Thank you.

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