Support to Women Weavers and Craftsmen in Afghanistan

Afghanistan stands at a pivotal point in its history. At a time of extreme hardship and uncertainty, the communities we have worked with since 2006 need quick, reliable and sustainable support now more than ever before.

Weaver supported by Turquoise Mountain Credit Turquoise Mountain min

Our latest programme – ‘Response, resilience, global engagement: Support to women weavers and craftsmen in Afghanistan’ – aims to do exactly that.

Over the next year, we will be working with the Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) and its Women in Conflict Zones initiative to provide much-needed immediate income generating opportunities for our female weaving artisans, directly impacting them and their families.

We’ll also be partnering with Label STEP to ensure that weavers are both paid a living wage and working in conditions that comply with health and safety regulations.

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The programme aims to sustainably improve the lives of thousands of Afghan women and their families by building resilience in the country’s carpet industry and providing strong links to the global marketplace.

Women in Conflict Zones is a global initiative launched by QFFD in 2022 dedicated to empowering women and girls living in countries experiencing conflict. Together, the organisations have a shared vision of giving hope and promoting peace and justice through sustainable and inclusive development.

We look forward to sharing more updates on this programme throughout the coming months.