The Art of the Lotus Flower: New Fine Jewellery from Myanmar

For London Craft Week 2022, Turquoise Mountain will launch a new fine jewellery collection in collaboration with talented goldsmiths in Yangon, Myanmar.

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For centuries, Myanmar goldsmiths have been renowned for their hand-crafted jewellery. Nowadays, complex decorative designs using handmade filigree, open-wire work, and other traditional methods are hard to find and machine-made production dominates the offering. The skills needed to craft a jewellery piece by hand, from creating the right alloy to the polishing of the finished product, are at risk of disappearing. This new collection encompasses these techniques in a bid to revive and protect the country’s exceptional craftmanship.

Within this new collection are three capsule lines; KYANI, PADONMAR and KUMUDRA. Each one is inspired by and interprets elements of Myanmar’s rich heritage such as golden temple ornamentation and palm and bamboo weaving. These lines are each made up of a different specific traditional creative method, including lost wax casting to make beads and filigree to render intricate flower motifs.

Another theme underpinning the new collection is that of the scared lotus flower. Ubiquitous across Myanmar, these flowers, in all colours and sizes, grow from the bottom of ponds and lakes, and gradually rise toward the surface into an elegant blossom. During the night, the Kumudra lotus closes and sinks under the water. It rises again with the sunlight of a new day, never failing to find its way to bloom. Whether it be through the name or the design itself, select pieces in the collection nod to the influence of this ancient flower which has found its place throughout the history and culture of Myanmar.

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Artisan, Thida comments;

“Placing and setting the stones into the pieces in this new collection was a highlight for me - Myanmar is known for its precious stones and gems and so this felt to be an important part. We hope with this new collection we can draw attention to the various traditional techniques that have been part ofour culture for centuries and that we hope to keep alive and pass on to future generations of goldsmiths and artisans.”

The Turquoise Mountain Yangon workshop offers sampling and design services and our team there oversees production, from gemstone procurement to finishing, and ensures the final product is of the highest quality.

The launch will take place from 11 am – 7pm on 11 May at Objet d'Emotion Showroom in Central London, each piece in the new collection will be on display and available to order at the event. London Craft Week celebrates outstanding British and international creativity, bringing together 250 established and emerging makers, designers, brands and galleries from around the world.

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