Gift Guide from our Retail Partners

We have collated a selection of products handmade by our supported artisans in Afghanistan, Myanmar and the Middle East, that will make unique and precious gifts.

Purchasing from our retail partners supports the small businesses, entrepreneurship, and training of our artisans, who work to preserve these age-old heritage crafts in their home countries. With many of our artisans living in countries facing political upheaval and humanitarian disasters, each purchase and donation is more important than ever.

Don’t forget you can also give a direct donation, too! Visit our Donate page to find out more.

As always, thanks for your support.

The Turquoise Mountain Team

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The Farah Lapis Crescent Moon Pendant Necklace by Ottoman Hands are part of a recent collaboration collection of Afghan-inspired jewellery, handmade by skilled artisan jewellers in the heart of Kabul’s old city. This lunar-inspired crescent moon pendant is created with a smooth 18ct gold plated finish and handset with a striking lapis lazuli gemstone.

HERAT Earrings

The Herat Earrings by Artisan & Fox (pictured above) are made by artisans in the Old City of Kabul, Afghanistan using deep blue Lapis Lazuli and gold-plated silver. The geometric design is part of The Silk Road collection, inspired Afghanistan’s prominence in the heart of the old trading route.

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ISHKAR supplies a wide range of products made by Turquoise Mountain artisans; from Myanmar bedding, to Afghan rugs and Jordanian jewellery. The Jali Tray delicately interlinks pieces of wood into intricate geometric patterns. Our Afghan woodwork artisans in Kabul are masters of precision, ensuring each piece is perfectly positioned, and crafting each them all by eye.

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Long-term partner of Turquoise Mountain Pippa Small has been working with our jewellery trainees and artisans for many years. We love these Eye Pendants in Turquoise and Agate symbolizing the ancient belief in the protective powers of the eye. Shop online, or in-person at Pippa’s London and Los Angeles stores!


We have enjoyed a wonderful partnership with US retailer The Citizenry to design and produce their Afghan Collection of carpets made by our supported weavers in northern Afghanistan. The collection is stocked by The Citizenry and is available for immediate delivery and can be purchased from their website and their New York showroom.

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Kalinko’s collection of nine handwoven artworks (above) is made by our supported textile weavers in Myanmar. The designs are inspired by different motifs and ethnic groups, and with each panel taking a week to make, the collection is truly a celebration of the country’s age-old weaving heritage.

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Katherine Parr Jewellery’s new capsule collection is inspired by the Jasmine flower, a symbol of love, purity, and beauty. This collection has been handmade by talented female Syrian artisans living in Jordan. The Jasmine Flower Delicate Bracelet (above) is made of Sterling silver heavily plated in yellow gold, with hand-cut yellow sapphire gemstones.