Turquoise Mountain presents Crafting Couture, an online auction of pieces from Myanmar

In partnership with Lush Magazine Myanmar, Turquoise Mountain has launched a fashion show and online charity auction showcasing stunning pieces inspired by the diverse weaving traditions of Myanmar.


Myanmar is known for its rich history of weaving, which sits at the heart of the country’s craft traditions. Each region of the country uses differing methods of weaving to produce beautifully patterned and colored textiles. Turquoise Mountain has collaborated with Lush Magazine Myanmar to launch a fashion show celebrating these textile traditions and the extraordinary women guarding them.

At the collaboration’s conception, Turquoise Mountain Myanmar and Lush Magazine decided to bring handwoven traditional fabrics to the runway, to create contemporary designs rooted in local design and weaving traditions. This collaboration started back in 2018 and has grown to produce 30 outfits, brought to life by designers Won Yone and Htu Aung Gun Htang. The pieces celebrate the diversity of Myanmar, a country with 135 recognized ethnic groups, each with its own culture, language and textile traditions. The designers took inspiration from these differing traditions, from the geometric motifs woven on small looms by Chin women in the hills of Western Myanmar to the intricate patterning of popular Kachin motifs in the north of the country. The pieces now on sale combine different traditions in single outfits.

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Won Yone and Htu Aung Gun Htang joined forces with dozens of weavers across Myanmar to produce textiles for their designs, including Ma Su, pictured here, who began weaving at age 13.

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Ma Su, a Bamar weaver, learnt from her mother and sisters on one of the 20 looms her family had at home. Before joining a workshop run by Turquoise Mountain’s technical consultant, Ma Nandar, she would weave at home to sell her products to Thailand but was not making very much money. Now working with Turquoise Mountain, she has joined a group of weavers producing fabrics for international clients and five-star hotels. Ma Su likes weaving in soft colors and can manage up to 60 heddles.

Along with other talented weavers, Ma Su helped to create pieces in this collection, from colorful suit jackets to bright three-piece ensembles and eye catching dresses.

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To bid on your favourite one-of-a-kind outfits and support local artisans in the Myanmar textile industry visit Lush Magazine Myanmar’s website before July 14th! https://lushmagazinemm.com/craftingcouture/

All proceeds will directly benefit the weavers and local talents behind the project.