Turquoise Mountain completed the renovation of 491-501 Merchant Street in 2016 in partnership with the Yangon Heritage Trust. The project was ‘the first building in Yangon to be conserved according to international best practice,’ according to Yangon City Heritage. The project kick-started a programme of vocational training in traditional skills which has continued to this day. We then completed the renovation of a historic Chinatown shophouse in 2018, which

now houses our artisan workshops, design studio, event space, showroom and office. The renovation of the Tourist Burma Building, completed in summer 2019, is Turquoise Mountain’s largest and most significant project to date, creating a contemporary mixed-use space within one of Yangon’s iconic heritage buildings. Through this and our other projects, we have trained over 1,000 people and created a model for the adaptive reuse of heritage buildings in Yangon.