Daw La Bwi Lu Jan

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Daw La Bwi Lu Jan is a 70-year-old Kachin weaver. Her husband died in 1998, leaving her with six children. “Since I could not earn much from weaving, I had to work other jobs [when my husband passed away]," she says. "But at my old age, I can only say, my time is wasted doing other things. Now that I am able to weave again, I am determined to give it my all. I also want to make sure I pass on these traditional skills to the next generation – thus, I decided to teach my daughter-in-law who lives with me.” Daw La Bwi Lu Jan is a talented weaver and is often found surrounded by a group of women eager to learn from her. She is currently working on textile commissions for hospitality clients in Myanmar and beyond.