Pi Hram Hliang

Pi Hram Hliang close up
"This is a job where I can earn money while I stay home and look after my kids. I can work at home without having to go outside" Pi Hram Hliang

Pi Hram Hliang is a 43-year-old Hakha Chin weaver. Like so many of the weavers working in the isolated state capital of Hakha, and other areas of Chin State, Pi Hram Hliang has very limited access to markets and raw materials, as well as a limited array of products to offer the market – she is used to weaving longis, using whatever yarns are available, which are invariably synthetic. Months are spent weaving very intricate patterns for a limited local market. In May 2019 Pi Hram Hliang wove a 100% silk backstrap design for Turquoise Mountain as a sample for a 5* Hotel in Yangon, inspired by a Hakha heritage textile. “Before I started working on the silk piece, I heard some weavers in our training group saying that silk weaving is difficult, and that we are not even sure how much weaving wage we will get paid. But for me, I agreed to weave for this project because if I could weave this successfully, we will be able to revive the silk weaving, which has almost disappeared these days. Also, later when we get more orders, I will be able to have regular income.”