Ico and the Bird

Pecockw Reflection
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Elephantw Reflection
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"My first collaboration with Turquoise Mountain Myanmar went beyond my expectations in both expertise and heart. To create these pieces that are timeless as well as ethical and sustainable has been a dream come true." Juliana Domenico Carr, Founder, Ico and the Bird

Juliana Domenico Carr, the creative behind Ico and the Bird, first came to Myanmar in 2018 to develop her first collection with Turquoise Mountain. While traveling through the country she was inspired by the images and significance of the Burmese zodiac, which is based on the number eight. The week is divided into eight days (with Wednesday split into two - morning and evening) and a different animal represents each day. Juliana developed a set of charms and pendants based on these eight animal signs, handcrafted in 18k gold by Turquoise Mountain supported artisans.