Pippa Small

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Pippa Small has developed several collections in Myanmar in collaboration with local designers. Once described by the Sunday Times as “the glamorous bohemian’s rock purveyor of choice”, Pippa has a growing clientele who visit her shops in London and Los Angeles seeking jewellery that is different, organic, ethnic and ethical. Pippa’s Turquoise Mountain pieces have been worn by celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Florence and the Machine, Yasmine Le Bon, Eva Longoria and, most recently, the Duchess of Sussex.

The designs for the pieces she has developed in Myanmar are inspired by ancient ornaments, beads and jewellery from the Pyu era (200 BCE - 900 CE). Her collections celebrate the beauty, quality and creativity of the traditional hand crafting of the people of this time and explore their wonderful motifs. The Pyu civilization was one of the earliest Buddhist cultures in South East Asia and symbols and themes from this period still deeply resonate today.