The Rock Hound

MJGEA069 Geometrical Drop EA 1
MJGEA071 Geometrical Stud Purple Spinel 2
MJGRN047 Geometrical Ring Red Spinel 2
MJGEA071 Geometrical Stud Red Spinel 2
"Turquoise Mountain have created something magical, bridging the gap between myself and their team of goldsmiths effortlessly. I’ve been able to design jewellery bringing together their time-honoured techniques, rich native gold and exquisite natural crystals, all whilst keeping an eye on responsible sourcing - the epitome of everything we love.” Susi Smither, Founder, The Rock Hound

Susi Smither, award-winning ethical jewellery designer and founder of The Rock Hound, began her collaboration with Turquoise Mountain in 2019, drawn by our approach to sustainability and emphasis on training and apprenticeships. The collection focuses on the shape of irregular triangles, which echo the facet pattern on a gemstone.