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Meranti Stool (without Step)

JOD 380


300 x 400 x 420 mm


The cypress tree is a reoccurring pattern in embroidery in the region, specifically Palestine. It is depicted differently from one area to another. This meranti wood stool magnifies and features one of the many cypress motifs, studded with copper to celebrate the embroidery techniques that are used. It is finished with oil.
Available in an alternative stepped design.
Most of our furniture is made to order. Please get in touch to place your order!

Care instructions

Clean using a dry cloth and avoid exposure to liquids.

479 A9290


In early twentieth century Syria, carpenters were mostly responsible for large scale commissions including architectural woodwork, roofs, ceilings and wooden mashrabiyah. They would also make household objects including boxes and cabinets. Since each required a different set of skills, carpenters would often specialise in making a single type of product.

Several highly skilled carpenters came to Jordan in 2011 following the crisis in Syria and established their own businesses in Amman. Turquoise Mountain now works with them to develop handmade wooden pieces. Although they have decades of experience, they feel they still have so much to learn from working wood. They collaborate with each other, forming new craft networks across the country, to make traditional pieces, while also experimenting with new techniques and product typologies. They are keen to ensure that their skills and know-how are passed on to the next generation though training and apprenticeship programmes.

Turquoise Mountain Levant

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