Christopher Farr

Christopher Farr Collett Zarzycki Assembled Stripe Rug 3 Collett Zarzycki for Christopher Farr Hand Knotted Afghan Wool CZ28344 HR copy
Christopher Farr In the Making Chan Chan by Christopher Farr Photography by Chris Horwood 02 HR 7107 RRP
7 e Christopher Farr carpet
"It is a region held in high esteem by every true carpet man and woman and this was my main attraction of working in the area in the 21st century, to not only help preserve the rare skills found there, but also to have the opportunity to access the best wool in the world for carpet making" Matt Bourne, Co-founder, Christopher Farr

Established in 1988, Christopher Farr has been at the forefront of contemporary rug design for over thirty years. Together with his business partner Matthew Bourne, he has revolutionised the contemporary rug market. With backgrounds that are firmly rooted in antique Oriental carpets and textiles, Farr and Bourne share a passion for contemporary art and design that informs the work they produce to this day. Over the past 30 years Christopher Farr has collaborated with leading artists and designers from across the globe including Gary Hume, Sarah Morris, Georgina Von Etzdorf, Andrée Putman, John Pawson, Claudio Silvestrin, and the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation.

For the last few years, Christopher Farr has been producing rugs with carpet weavers supported by Turquoise Mountain in Afghanistan. Along with Turquoise Mountain, co-founders Matthew Bourne and Christopher Farr are keen to play a part in the revival of carpet weaving in the region.