Ko Aung 1
"The soft and gentle can overcome the tough and strong" Aung

With an innate talent for drawing, Aung knew from a young age that he wanted to pursue art as a career. After Grade 9, he left his hometown of Pyay to attend the Mandalay Fine Arts School. After finishing his studies in Mandalay, still eager to learn and continue improving his skills, Aung moved to Yangon where he studied and has graduated from the National University of Arts & Culture. Even after many years of pursuing his passion, he still finds himself learning new techniques. Aung finds his style is heavily influenced by traditional Myanmar motifs, but he still looks to make his work relevant for today, fusing the traditional and the contemporary in his art. Aung works with Turquoise Mountain’s goldsmiths and weavers in the design process, helping them to visualise their ideas.