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Embroidered Backgammon Set (Alphabets)

JOD 315

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500 x 500 mm


Base: Moire Fabric | Back lining: Faux Leather | Threads: cotton threads | Counters: Beech wood

The Concept:
Tamara El Kamel has always had a passion towards calligraphy and the alphabets. For her backgammon board, she chose to play with the symbols of the first alphabet in history that was discovered in Syria and the development of Arabic alphabets and added her own twist on the Ideogram. Creating a beautiful vision of bright colors and balanced shapes; Temara's piece is a special personal take on this popular board game.

Read more about the project below.


About The Project

In December 2021, Professor Helen Storey, ( Designer in Residence, Zaatari Camp), Dr Nabil El-Nayal, both of University of the Arts London (UAL) and Dr Karen Fisher, University of Washington,(UoW) co-created a workshop in Zaatari Refugee Camp, Jordan, which brought together 30 of the most skilled female embroidery makers.

The finished embroideries shared the most heartfelt stitched stories the ladies wished to tell the world, and for their children too, of the Syria they love and of their lives now.

From this group shone many talented women, who wished to professionalise their natural gifts.

Of these, six female embroidery artisans were then introduced to Turquoise Mountain, for the mutual purposes of reviving crafts and supporting them to find the right local and international opportunities to sell their creations.

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