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Travertine Deep Bowl

JOD 39


190 mm
50 mm


Travertine exists in limited quantities and places in the world. Jordanian travertine is mainly found on the eastern bank of the Jordan Valley. Using this special local stone in day-to-day objects can offer a new meaning and appreciation of its unearthly patterns. This bowl does not only exhibit travertine’s unique colorations and textures but can also be used for your snacks and fruits.

Care instructions

Clean carefully with water and mild soap and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. Avoid exposure to vinegar, lemon juice or other materials containing acids.

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We recently set up a stone workshop in Amman in which we run apprenticeship programmes to preserve traditional carving and masonry techniques. Our apprentices are originally from Homs, but they learnt the craft in Jordan.

In the Levant, stone is a dominant material in the landscape. In the beginning of the twentieth century, artisans travelled in the region to build stone houses and palaces and to decorate their facades. The best stone artisans were from Aleppo (Syria), As-Salt (Jordan) and Nablus (Palestine).

Due to conflict and displacement in recent years, stonemasons from Syria moved their business to Jordan, Egypt and Turkey. Those who moved to Jordan opened their own workshops and renewed their contacts with previous clients in the hope that their skills will be in demand.

Our workshop continues to hold apprenticeship programmes and develop products with artisans and designers.

Turquoise Mountain Jordan

1 Fawzi Al-Maalouf Street Jabal Amman, Jordan

Opening Hours
Saturday to Thursday from 10:00 to 23:00